Repurposing Your Wedding Dress: Upcycling at its best!

Our last post focused on methods of reducing wedding dress costs.  Well…maybe you already got married, or shoot maybe you want that top of the line wedding dress (and go for it, you deserve it!) What now? Let’s do something with that dress! I don’t know about you, but my dress is still hanging in the guest room closet at my parents’ house (the benefits of leaving for your honeymoon, you ditch the dress with your parents and let them deal with finding a place to store it.) I know many women have their dresses preserved…but then it stays hidden in a closet, attic or box.  Why not repurpose your dress? Before we begin I need to issue a warning: this will involve you (or someone professional) taking scissors to your gown…

5 Ways to Repurpose the Dress of Your Dreams

1. Christening Gown or First Communion Dress

Are you religious?  You could turn your dress into a garment for your child. Have a seamstress make a gown or suit out of it.  Think about how sentimental it would be to watch your child receive her/his first sacraments in the dress you wore when you got married.

Not Religious?  Transform your gown into a dress or vest and tie for Christmas or Family portraits.

2. Convert it into a blanket or throw

I will do this someday…hopefully…no really I swear… I first saw this


when I was watching an enticing episode of MTV Cribs (yes, I did just refer to a show on MTV as enticing) and a celebrity, of which I cannot remember, was showcasing her home. She had an absolutely stunning blanket on her couch, and it was made out of her wedding dress.  I love this idea.  Your dress could be simply altered into a beautiful throw or a stunning pillow.  Of course with two kids, a dog, a cat and a husband, I’d keep mine on my bed, a little further away from the kitchen and sticky cookie fingers, just saying.

3. Turn it into Art

Why not? Adorn your walls with something you adore.  This is a DIY for even the most amateur of crafters.

Materials Needed:

Canvas(es), size of your choice


Stapler or Staple Gun

Just choose which portion of your dress you want to exhibit: cut it, pull it tight over the canvas, and staple the back. Hang it next to your favorite family photos, wedding photos or a picture of Ryan Gosling (sorry, couldn’t resist, he’s a personal favorite of Kai Squared).

4. Wear it Again

10 years later, if it still fits, it may not because you’ll probably be in better shape and 10 times hotter than you were on your wedding day, wear it to renew your vows. Add modern flair to it: cut of the poufy sleeves and shorten it to tea or cocktail length. If you are too thin to fit back into your dress convert it into a shawl, skirt, blazer, or top.  This could also be a great opportunity to convert it into a Flower Girl/Maid of Honor dress for your daughter to wear as you relive your wedding vows.

And of course, it could always be repurposed into a super fabulous Halloween costume:

th“Franken-Bride”, “Killer-Bride”, “Bride from the Grave”, or just “Beautiful Bride.”



5. Sell it or donate it

I know many people want to keep their gowns for sentimental reasons, but like I said, mine has been locked up in a closet for almost 7 years.  If I were wise, I would have cleaned it, sold it and booked a vacation with the money years ago.  You can peruse EBay, Craigslist, even Etsy and discover an endless amount of fantastic dresses; yours could be one of those.

There are many deserving women who do not have the funds to purchase a gown or pay for a wedding, you could donate a dress and make someone’s dream come true.

Ok, your goal now: unbury your gown and repurpose it!



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